YDM enrichment and extension resources

The Mathematicians in Training Initiative (MITI) was a YDC project designed to enrich and extend the mathematics ability of students through pedagogy and resources that enable deep learning of powerful mathematics.

MITI aimed to develop students’ confidence, motivation and knowledge to increase participation in high-level mathematics subjects and university entrance for STEM careers.

This page includes the MITI Overview book and a MITI Investigations book containing 45 rich tasks covering the Australian Mathematics Curriculum for Years 7 to 9.

MITI resources

MITI Overview

Provides an overview of the MITI pedagogy:

  • summarises the structural basis of the YDM pedagogy and its relation to MITI
  • summarises the YDM Reality–Abstraction–Mathematics‑Reflection (RAMR) teaching cycle and its relation to MITI
  • describes the two stages of MITI
  • discusses how MITI could be implemented in schools.

MITI Investigations

A book of 45 investigations (rich tasks) that cover Years 7–9 mathematics curriculum content as set out in the Australian Curriculum. Includes a summary table listing the 45 MITI investigations, an appendix that maps the Australian Curriculum Mathematics Content Descriptors and General Capabilities to each MITI investigation, and another appendix that does the reverse, listing each investigation and the areas of the Australian Curriculum it covers.