Please note: The YuMi Deadly Centre will be closing on 30 September 2019 and is not able to take on any new projects.

The YuMi Deadly Centre (YDC) is a research centre located within the Faculty of Education at QUT. The Centre was formed in 2009 and officially opened in March 2010.

YDC is dedicated to enhancing the learning of all students to improve their opportunities for further education, training and employment, and to equip them for lifelong learning.

YuMi is a Torres Strait Islander Creole word meaning ‘you and me’ and is used with permission from the Torres Strait Islanders’ Regional Education Council to mean ‘working together as a community for the betterment of education for all’. Deadly is an Aboriginal word used widely across Australia to mean ‘smart’ (or good/excellent) in terms of being the best one can be in learning and in life.