YDM integrated projects

YDM integrated projects are a combination of two or three YDM projects (selected from YDM TDT, AIM, AIM EU, XLR8 and MITI), integrated and tailored to the particular needs and objectives of each school.

These projects are called either YDM Integrated Secondary Schools (YDM ISS) or YDM Integrated School Mathematics (YDM ISM) depending on the nature of the schools. Schools taking up YDM integrated projects receive all training and materials for more than one project in an integrated approach covering both primary and secondary as needed by the school.

Ideally, YDM integrated projects are structured across two and a half years as follows:

  • a term at the start of the project for the school and YDC to develop a plan unique to the school and to begin overall training
  • a term at the end of the project for the school and YDC to set up sustainability processes within the school at the end of YDC’s involvement
  • two years of project training in between.

The duration of the project can be reduced to the basic two years of training or extended to three or more years depending on each school’s preference.

This integration of projects provides a strong base for growth across Foundation (Prep) to Year 12.