Engineering and mechanics

The following three booklets were produced as material to support Indigenous students completing certificates associated with engineering and mechanics at the TAFE campuses on Thursday Island (run by Tropical North Queensland TAFE) and Palm Island (Barrier Reef Institute of TAFE).

Engineering and Mechanics Booklet VE1: Mathematics behind Small Engine Repair and Maintenance

Booklet VE1 focuses on the numeration basis of units; metric units and conversions; fractions and imperial units; and perimeter, area and volume formulae.

Engineering and Mechanics Booklet VE2: Mathematics behind Small Engine Repair and Maintenance

Booklet VE2 focuses on the nature of rate and ratio; the double number line method; rate, time, distance and fuel consumption; and ratio, fuel mixes, levers, gears and compression.

Engineering and Mechanics Booklet VE3: Mathematics behind Metal Fabrication

Booklet VE3 focuses on uprights, crosspieces and division; construction and angles; construction strength and balance; fabrication, nets and solid shapes; and the formulae.