YDM-CCP Year 9 teacher resources

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Note: Some of the Year 9 resources are also suitable for Year 7 or Year 8; these have been uploaded in both locations.

Number and Algebra

How many tiles in the border?
AC content descriptors: ACMNA176, ACMNA177 (Year 7); ACMNA192 (Year 8); ACMNA213 (Year 9); Problem solving, Reasoning
Students will have opportunities to improve their problem solving and reasoning capabilities by seeing that there can be many different ways to view a problem; they will generalise a numeric problem into algebraic expressions for the general case, calculate the perimeter of a square and expand a binomial expression.

Time exploration
AC content descriptors: ACMNA209, ACMNA210, ACMMG219
Students will convert between metric unit representations of time and will solve problems involving very small and very large time scales and intervals.

Exponential change
AC content descriptor: ACMNA210
Students will investigate the patterns of numbers arising for the power of ten for positive and negative exponents. They will write numbers in scientific notation and convert scientific notation to standard decimal form and vice versa.

How does my garden grow?
AC content descriptor: ACMNA214
Students will explore the rule for calculating gradient. They will find the gradient of a line segment (interval) on the Cartesian plane using a range of strategies.

Moving through the air
AC content descriptor: ACMNA296
Students will discover the shape of a parabola in the path of an object moving through the air. They will graph simple non-linear relations with and without the use of digital technologies and solve simple related equations.

Measurement and Geometry

Total body surface area
AC content descriptors: ACMMG217, ACMMG218
Students will determine the surface area of the body by approximating the body to a collection of right prisms.

How much does it hold?
AC content descriptors: ACMMG217, ACMMG218
Students will calculate the volume of right prisms and cylinders.

Look alikes
AC content descriptors: ACMMG220, ACMMG221
Students will identify similar figures, generalise the conditions of similarity and determine scale factors.

Terrific triangles
AC content descriptors: ACMMG222, ACMMG224
Students will identify and name sides as hypotenuse, adjacent and opposite in a right-angled triangle. They will calculate trigonometric ratios using known angle or side-length values.

Statistics and Probability

The humanoid project
AC content descriptors: ACMSP170, ACMSP171 (Year 7); ACMSP228, ACMSP282, ACMSP283 (Year 9)
Students will collect data and calculate the mean, median, mode and range for large data sets, using digital methods; they will graph the data and interpret and analyse the statistics.