About YuMi Deadly Centre resources

Teaching resource books and other written materials formed a key component of all YDC research projects. Although the centre has now closed, this website will remain accessible as a repository for the many resources developed by YDC researchers through research projects dating back to the early 2000s.

YDM general pedagogy resources

Follow the link below or on the side menu to access the eight resource books that describe the overall YuMi Deadly Maths approach and pedagogical framework for Foundation to Year 9, and the three supplementary YDM books covering the big ideas of mathematics, problem solving in mathematics and literacy in mathematics. Also includes two Maths Fiesta books.

YDM accelerated learning resources

Follow the link below or on the side menu to access YDM resources designed to accelerate student learning from ability level to age level. Resources include modules designed for students in Years 7, 8 and 9 as well as special early years modules for Foundation to Year 2.

YDM enrichment and extension resources

Follow the link below or on the side menu to access YDM enrichment and extension resources designed to develop deep learning of powerful mathematics for success in STEM careers. Includes Mathematicians in Training Initiative (MITI) Overview book and a book of 45 investigations for Years 7 to 9.

YDM-CCP teacher resources (lesson plans)

Teacher resources consisting of YDM lesson plans for Prep (Foundation) to Year 9 were developed to support aspects of the Australian Curriculum content descriptors and cross-curriculum priorities (embedding Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander histories and culture).

These follow the Reality–Abstraction–Mathematics–Reflection (RAMR) framework which is designed to develop the proficiencies – understanding, fluency, problem solving, and reasoning – to assist students to work mathematically.

Follow the link below or on the side menu to access these resources.

Other resources

A number of other resources from past projects have been uploaded to this section of the website to be freely available to the wider community.

The resources are grouped into four categories depending on their focus: professional, student, vocational and community learning. These broad categories are further divided into topic areas, with information about the project for which the resources were developed (if applicable), followed by a brief description of each resource.

The resources are either PDF or Microsoft PowerPoint files.

Links to the resources