YDM general pedagogy projects


In 2010–12, as part of the government-funded TIME project, YDC developed a cohesive mathematics pedagogical framework, YuMi Deadly Maths (YDM), that covers all strands of the Australian Curriculum: Mathematics and now underpins all YDC projects.

YDM is based on big ideas, smooth sequencing and connections between mathematics topics. It focuses on the most powerful forms and understandings of mathematics and has been successful in schools since 2010.

Supplier under DET Arrangement 2018YDM general pedagogy projects provide collaborative partnership schools with professional development, resources and online support to build capacity of teachers and schools to teach mathematics for Foundation to Year 9.

YDC has a Standing Offer Arrangement with Education Queensland for providing YDM projects to Queensland state schools.

Project components

YDM general pedagogy training projects include the following four components:

  • professional development comprising 2 days of principal and 12 days of train-the-trainer workshops across one or two years for four teachers or teacher aides per school
  • resource books comprising Overview (covering philosophy, pedagogy, school change and leadership), Number, Operations, Algebra, Measurement, Geometry, Statistics and Probability, and Review, as well as supplementary books Big Ideas of Mathematics, Problem Solving, and Literacy in Mathematics
  • online support through website repository of ideas and exemplar lessons, help desk, training modules including PowerPoints and videos, and discussion forum
  • action research training.

The basic YDM training provides all that is needed to improve capacity to teach mathematics and enhance mathematics engagement and learning outcomes for students. However, if desired, schools can invest in additional support beyond the basic training. This can include having extra teachers attend the training, in-school support through visits from YDM experts, after-school PD sessions with all staff, and so on.

Online training support

The face-to-face YDM training is supported by a QUT Blackboard community site, YuMi Deadly Maths Professional Learning Online. This site contains:

  • online YDM learning modules for teachers, including PowerPoint slides and video segments demonstrating the key ideas contained in the resource books
  • support and resources for facilitators/presenters in schools
  • group wiki and discussion board for teachers to interact with each other, share resources and reflect on how YDM works in their school.

The online YDM learning modules cover Overview, Number, Operations, Algebra, Geometry, Measurement, and Statistics and Probability. The modules can be worked through sequentially or as needed according to teaching focus at the time.

YuMi Deadly Maths Professional Learning Online is a secure site that is only available to participants in YDC projects. Please contact us for further information.