YDM-CCP Year 7 teacher resources

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Note: Some of the Year 7 resources are also suitable for Year 8 or Year 9; these have been uploaded in both locations.

Number and Algebra

Into the waterhole (compare and order integers) 
AC content descriptors: ACMNA124 (Year 6), ACMNA280 (Year 7)
Students will investigate everyday situations that use integers and will locate, represent, compare and order integers on a number line.

Between the waterholes (add and subtract integers) 
AC content descriptor: ACMNA280 (Year 7), ACMNA183 (Year 8)
Students will carry out two of the four operations with rational numbers and integers, using efficient mental and written strategies and appropriate digital technologies. They will represent, add and subtract integers.

Distributive law
AC content descriptor: ACMNA151 (Year 7)
Students will apply the distributive law to help with mental computation.

Form one family 
AC content descriptor: ACMNA153 (Year 7)
Students will add and subtract fractions with related denominators. They will solve problems involving addition and subtraction of fractions with related denominators.

How much is this part? 
AC content descriptor: ACMNA154 (Year 7)
Students will multiply proper, improper and mixed fractions.

What’s the overlap? 
AC content descriptor: ACMNA154 (Year 7)
Students will multiply a decimal by a whole number and by a decimal. They will solve problems involving decimal multiplication using efficient strategies.

What’s the link? 
AC content descriptors: ACMNA175, ACMNA176 (Year 7)
Students will create algebraic expressions to describe number sequences and evaluate them by substituting a given value for each variable.

How many in the queue? (developing linear relationships) 
AC content descriptors: ACMNA178 (Year 7); ACMNA193 (Year 8)
Students will develop a simple rule between two variables (positive values only), plot the points on the Cartesian plane to form a straight line and extend the straight line in both directions.

Measurement and Geometry

Allied shapes 
AC content descriptor: ACMMG159 (Year 7)
Students will calculate the area of triangles and parallelograms using formulas. They will establish the formulas for areas of rectangles, triangles and parallelograms and use these in problem solving.

Angle connections 
AC content descriptors: ACMMG163, ACMMG164 (Year 7)
Students will use angle relationships to find the value of corresponding, alternate and co-interior angles.

Statistics and Probability

What are the odds? 
AC content descriptors: ACMSP167, ACMSP168 (Year 7)
Students will calculate the probability for single-step events using sample spaces and construct sample spaces for single-step experiments with equally likely outcomes. They will calculate the probabilities for events.

Give it your best shot 
AC content descriptors: ACMSP171, ACMSP172 (Year 7)
Students will calculate the mean, median and mode for sets of data and select the appropriate measure of centre.

The humanoid project 
AC content descriptors: ACMSP170, ACMSP171 (Year 7); ACMSP228, ACMSP282, ACMSP283 (Year 9)
Students will collect data and calculate the mean, median, mode and range for large data sets, using digital methods; they will graph the data and interpret and analyse the statistics.