Measurement assessment tasks

The following booklet was developed as part of the 2009 Tagai Mathematics for Employment project funded by Tagai State College, Queensland.

Measurement: Interview-based Assessment – Prep to Year 6

This booklet comprises interview-based assessment tasks for measurement at Prep to Year 6 level and is designed as a tool to diagnose students’ current knowledge and understanding. It contains assessment tasks and response recording sheets for the measurement attributes of length, perimeter, area, volume (solid), volume (capacity), angle, mass, time, money and temperature.

Using measurement to teach number and operations

The following two measurement booklets and nine PowerPoint files with measurement games and activities were developed as part of an Australian Studies in Science, Technology and Mathematics (ASISTM) project, Using finance and measurement applications to improve number understanding of Indigenous students, conducted at schools in Aboriginal communities in central and southern Queensland in 2007.

Measurement Activities Booklet MA: Using Measurement to Teach Numeration and Operations

The aim of this booklet is to use measurement to reinforce the teaching of number and operations. This booklet is accompanied by a second booklet on teaching measurement, Measurement Background Booklet MB, and also nine PowerPoint files, Measurement Games MG1 to MG9.

Measurement Background Booklet MB: Teaching Measurement Processes in School Years P–10 (PDF, 4.3MB)

This booklet acts as a background booklet to Measurement Activities Booklet MA and Measurement Games MG1 to MG9. The booklet is in three sections: Section 1 provides an overview of measurement; Section 2 outlines a 5-step process for teaching measurement, with a chapter for each step; finally, Section 3 takes each attribute in turn and summarises how the 5 steps affect them and also looks at some teaching implications.

Measurement games and activities

These measurement games can be used with students to reinforce and strengthen their understanding of numbers and their applications. The games cover a variety of topics, from writing and recognising numbers and place value, through to multiplication and division. These materials are designed to be printed off and used as hands-on activities. Further instructions are included in each PowerPoint file.










Old measurement book

Teaching Measurement Processes in the Primary School

This old book from 1988 (reprinted 1993) focuses on the basics of measurement. The purpose of the book is to develop students’ understanding of the concepts of length, area, volume, mass, time, money, temperature and angle, the units used and the formulae applied; and to develop students’ competence in the process of measuring, using instruments and choosing appropriate units.