About YuMi Deadly Centre research projects

YuMi Deadly Centre (YDC) research projects are designed to enhance the learning of all students, particularly Aboriginal, Torres Strait Islander, minority and low-SES students, in a manner that is culturally empowering, builds pride and positive identity, and sustains community links.

YDC works collaboratively with schools and communities to enhance the capacity of teachers to teach mathematics using life-related, inquiry-based pedagogies that promote

  • deep learning of powerful mathematics
  • positive student engagement
  • problem-solving skills, creativity and critical reflection
  • symbolic language and structure
  • overall disciplinary content knowledge

with the aim of improving opportunities for students of all ability levels.

Participants in YDC projects receive professional development in mathematics, mathematics pedagogy and general lesson management as part of the following four components included in all projects:

  • professional development workshops for principals, administrators and key teachers/teacher aides
  • resource books and other materials to support teaching
  • online support including YDM learning modules and discussion forum
  • action-research training.

YDC projects can be delivered to any Australian primary or secondary school in face-to-face form, with the online support delivered through QUT Blackboard community sites. YDC projects are an investment offering sustainability and enhanced mathematics outcomes.

YDC project types

All YDC projects are based on a pedagogy for teaching and learning mathematics called YuMi Deadly Maths (YDM). Projects are grouped into categories according to their focus:

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