YDM-CCP Year 8 teacher resources

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Note: Some of the Year 8 resources are also suitable for Year 7 or Year 9; these have been uploaded in both locations.

Number and Algebra

Between the waterholes (add and subtract integers)
AC content descriptor: ACMNA280 (Year 7); ACMNA183 (Year 8)
Students will carry out two of the four operations with rational numbers and integers, using efficient mental and written strategies and appropriate digital technologies. They will represent, add and subtract integers.

How many in the queue? (developing linear relationships)
AC content descriptors: ACMNA178 (Year 7); ACMNA193 (Year 8)
Students will develop a simple rule between two variables (positive values only), plot the points on the Cartesian plane to form a straight line and extend the straight line in both directions.

How many jerseys? (distributive law)
AC content descriptors: ACMNA190, ACMNA191 (Year 8)
Students will apply the distributive law to expand and factorise algebraic expressions with numerical factors.

Maths magic 
AC content descriptors: ACMNA190, ACMNA191, ACMNA192, ACMNA193, ACMNA194 (Year 8)
Students will create linear mathematical models to solve a problem.

How many tiles in the border?
AC content descriptors: ACMNA176, ACMNA177 (Year 7); ACMNA192 (Year 8); ACMNA213 (Year 9); Problem solving, Reasoning
Students will have opportunities to improve their problem solving and reasoning capabilities by seeing that there can be many different ways to view a problem; they will generalise a numeric problem into algebraic expressions for the general case, calculate the perimeter of a square and expand a binomial expression.

Measurement and Geometry

Transfigure the shape
AC content descriptor: ACMMG196 (Year 8)
Students will calculate perimeter and area of kites, rhombuses and trapeziums.

How many layers?
AC content descriptors: ACMMG195, ACMMG198 (Year 8)
Students will develop the general formula for the volume of a prism. They will use formulas to solve problems involving volume.

How many people fit in a lift?
AC content descriptors: ACMNA198 (Year 8); ACMMG218 (Year 9)
Students will determine the volume of a person using approximation. They will solve problems involving the surface area and volume of right prisms.

The triangle detective
AC content descriptor: ACMMG201 (Year 8)
Students will develop the conditions for congruence of triangles.

Statistics and Probability

One word changes it all
AC content descriptor: ACMSP205 (Year 8)
Students will describe events using ‘and’, ‘or’ and ‘not’ language, and will develop and use the probability formulas for simple ‘and’, ‘or’ and ‘not’ events.

Exploring bias and outliers
AC content descriptors: ACMSP206, ACMSP207 (Year 8)
Students will explore the effect of bias and outliers on summary statistics (mean, median, mode, range).