YDM vocational learning projects

YDM vocational learning projects are designed to enhance learning and increase student retention and engagement in vocational education and training (VET) contexts. The overarching aim of the projects is to improve the knowledge and skills students need for further education, training and employment opportunities.

Failure to meet mathematics requirements in senior years of schooling or TAFE study can prevent students from gaining certification to obtain employment. YDM vocational learning projects use a vocational context (such as a particular trade) as a starting point for mathematics instruction, ensuring that the Reality–Abstraction–Mathematics–Reflection (RAMR) pedagogy begins and ends with this context, and that activity within the trade or context is used as the basis for abstracting the mathematical knowledge needed.

Participants in YDM vocational learning projects receive professional development and resources that relate to the relevant trade or context.

Past projects in this category have ranged from a large ARC Linkage project supporting certificate course school teachers and TAFE trainers, to smaller projects in schools focusing on trades, robotics, music and other motivating contexts, including the award-winning Get Into Vocational Education (GIVE) project.

If you are interested in developing a vocational learning project, please contact us. You can download resources from some of our past vocational learning projects here.