YDM-CCP Prep teacher resources

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Number and Algebra

AC content descriptor: ACMNA002
Students will match numerals to quantities, connect number names, numerals and quantities, including zero, initially up to 10 and then beyond.

Spot the number  
AC content descriptor: ACMNA003
Students will recognise amounts to five without counting, subitising small collections of objects to determine how many.

Bits and pieces
AC content descriptor: ACMNA004
Students will partition and add small collections to represent addition as combining parts of a whole by modelling and sharing in practical situations.

Let’s go hunting  
AC content descriptors: ACMNA004, ACMNA289
Students will describe addition and represent addition experiences by comparing, ordering and making correspondences between collections and explaining their reasoning, initially to 20.

Pattern hunt  
AC content descriptor: ACMNA005
Students will copy, describe and continue simple repeating patterns. They will sort and classify familiar objects and explain the basis for these classifications and also copy, continue and create patterns with objects and artwork.

Measurement and Geometry

My drink bottle  
AC content descriptor: ACMMG006
Students will compare the spaces within containers to compare capacity and use direct and indirect comparison to decide which holds more and explain reasoning in everyday language.

How long does it take?  
AC content descriptor: ACMMG007
Students will describe, compare and order the duration of events in their investigation of a day’s duration and the sequence in the phases of a day.

Sensational shape hunt  
AC content descriptor: ACMMG009
Students will compare shapes by sorting, describing and naming familiar two-dimensional shapes and three-dimensional objects in the environment.

Guess where?
AC content descriptor: ACMMG010
Students will describe the location of objects by indicating positions to describe and identify position and movement using the everyday language of location.