Modulo art and tangrams

Mathematics and Modulo Art

The ideas presented in this booklet have been trialled with a large number of groups ranging from Years 6 and 7 in primary school through to students at tertiary level. In all cases they have generated considerable interest and enthusiasm and are presented in this booklet in a form which could be easily adapted to suit the needs of most year levels.

The worksheets in this booklet are based on Modulo Arithmetic or generated Latin Squares. The worksheets outline the theory of Modulo Arithmetic as a basis to construct standard, converging segment, kaleidoscopic patterns and circular residue designs. After completing the material students should be capable of producing large and intricate patterns from mathematical relationships both demonstrating and enhancing an appreciation of mathematical order. Your classroom, too, will look much more interesting.


This PowerPoint file looks at how shapes are made up of other shapes.The slides are designed to be printed off and used as hands-on activity.

Old geometry book

Space and Shape in the Primary School

This old book from 1986 contains ideas for teaching geometry in primary mathematics classrooms. It presents a wide range of activities for teaching geometry in a stimulating and active way.