PAS Lab Facilities

The People and Systems (PAS) Lab contributes vital equipment and facilities to the QUT Design Lab portfolio, including:

  • A world-class, state-of-the-art laboratory space designed explicitly to research human experiences with artefacts and systems
  • Research data analysis software packages: Noldus Observer, Portable Noldus Observer, Noldus Face Reader, Atlas.ti
  • Tobii Eye Tracking System: Tobii eye tracking technology records visual footage as seen by the participant. Sensors track eye movements, identifying exact location of what the participant is looking at. The Tobii system consists of Tobii glasses and recording assistant worn by the participant during observations.

J Block Maker Space

The J Block workshop houses a comprehensive range of fabrication technologies and is run by a team of staff with a wide range of design and fabrication expertise. There are three programs available as fabrication services, depending on the requirements of the client: 1) maker-space program, allowing for space and access to the workshop; 2) a fabricator program, allowing for space as well as expertise; 3) partner program, allowing space, expertise, and ongoing collaborative knowledge transfer agreements. Utilising the ongoing development of expertise and experience in the QUT Design Lab, these services are designed to provide clients with a structured yet customisable experience to support the development of innovative design products and services.

The J Block Maker Space is primarily for design development and model making by design students. Support is provided for three thousand people.  This includes academic staff, Post & undergraduate students from all six Design School disciplines: Architecture, Landscape Architecture, Interior Design, Industrial Design, Fashion Design, and Interactive & Visual Design.

The facility is provided to students as frontline support for teaching and learning as well as research through design development. This process involves skills acquisition, mentoring and making.

The Maker Space is an immersive learning environment, collaborative progression of projects is encouraged and assistance is given for development models, prototypes and presentation models. Consecutive learning is a key to this process and students develop essential skills in Design through materials and methods exploration.  Techniques and process from industry add value.

Collaborative learning is another key feature of the Design Lab. Successful progression of projects often depends on teams quickly finding real-world solutions based on in-house capabilities.

Staff share skills from a range of relevant industries. These skills are honed for maker mentoring through development experience in the Lab. Specilised project assistance is guided by experienced staff and additional support is provided by casual staff to match demand, notably in weeks 10-15 of semester.

Visitors are welcome.  Please email or call to arrange a tour with Maker Space staff.

Maker Space Facilities and Equipment

The Maker Space in J Block has a range of equipment for production of models and prototypes.

  • Paint Booth
  • 3D powder printers.
  • Wet area room
    • Line bender, acrylic sander and polisher,
  • 3 Axis Timber Router Room
    • 1200 x 2400 format, with new 250mm Z axis
  • Rapid Prototyping Room
    • Laser cutters, 3D printers (plastics.) Vacuum- Former
  • Welding Shop
    • Tig, Mig, Stick, Gas and Plasma equip.
  • Metal Shop
    • Engineering lathe, mill, bending, rolling and cutting equip.
  • Mezzanine
    • Industrial sewing machines, engraving pantograph.
  • Entrance & Assembly Room
    • Hot wire foam cutters, benches, hand tools materials store.
  • Sanding Room
    • Timber and foam shaping and finishing work.
  • Timber Shop
    • Panel saw, mills, drills, lathe, band saws, benches

Maker Space Induction

Safety regulations require completion of the ‘CI Design Lab Induction’ online and site inductions for working access. Covered shoes are sufficient to access most areas, capped safety boots are required as signed. Safety glasses must be carried at all times.

The induction combines an overview and orientation of the Maker Space capabilities with entry level safety training. Site Inductions are run at various times in semester. This can be found in Blackboard in My Communities.  All staff and students are required to complete safety inductions.

For Campus access you must have completed INDUCTION 1 General Safety

For J-Block Makerspace access you must have completed INDUCTION 2 Design Lab GP

Detailed training is conducted for students on project-specific equipment & techniques, as needed.

Maker Space Contact

8am-12pm and 1pm-5pm Monday to Friday. Extended hours are available in semester weeks 10-15. Session times are displayed at the Maker Space entrance door. Sessions booked for set classes have priority and at times these bookings have exclusive access to meet teaching and learning objectives.

For queries please contact Simon Belton, Team Leader – Design & Fabrication Lab, at s.belton@qut.edu.au, or phone 07 3138 2672.