Leadership Team

Chief Investigators


Affiliate Investigators

  • Mr Dean Brough

    Areas of interest: Skin cancer prevention, enhancing shade and liveability in tropical and sub-tropical climates.

  • Dr Sue Cake

    Areas of interest: Writing for Expanded Screens, Narrative Comedy as Creative Resistance, Disruptive Screen Narratives, Life Narratives, Screenwriting

  • Dr Daniel Cook

    Areas of interest: More-than-Human Design, Human-Computer Interaction, Industrial Design, Digital Fabrication, Pollination Service Delivery, and Systems Design.

  • Icaro Ibanez-Arricivita

    Areas of interest: Aesthetics, Design, Sociology, Social Body, Disability, Co-Design, Fashion, and Transdisciplinary Design.

  • Dr Chris Koch

    Areas of interest: Cognition of creativity, aesthetics and styling, Industry 4.0 and advanced manufacture, sustainable design, design philosophy

  • Dr Shane Pike

    Areas of Interest: Augmented and virtual reality in performance design, digital dramaturgy and applied theatre, gender and performance, ethnodramatic and narrative design as a healthcare intervention, Asian-Australian narratives and performance perspectives.

  • Ms Tessa Rixon

    Areas of Interest: Scenography, Digital Scenographies and Extended Reality Design, Intermedial Theatre design, Australian scenographic identities and histories, Ecoscenography and climate crisis theatre design

  • Prof Jonathan Roberts

    Areas of interest: Field robotics, medical robotics, performance robotics and design robotics

  • Assoc Prof Jen Seevinck

    Areas of interest: Data Visualisation, New Media / Interactive Art, More-than-Human Futures, Advocacy, Citizen Science, Participatory and Co-design, Interaction design, Immersive Environments (e.g. AR, VR), UX Evaluations, and Creative Health.

  • Dr Madeline Taylor

    Areas of interest: Design Collaboration, Design Communities of Practice, Digital Gift Economies, Community Wellbeing, and Sustainability.

  • Dr T.J. Thomson

    Areas of interest: Visual communication, visual media, digital media, artificial intelligence, and machine learning

  • Dr Jane Turner

    Areas of interest: Narrative Design and Narrative Methodologies, More-than-Human, and Game Design

  • Dr Nicole Vickery

    Areas of interest: Human-Computer Interaction, Children-centred Design, and Playful Design


Postdoctoral Research Fellows

  • Dr Alan Burden

    Areas of interest: Design robotics, digital fabrication, user experience (UX), interaction design (IxD), human-robot interaction (HRI), research-through-design (RtD)

  • Dr Shoufeng Cao

    Areas of interest: Supply Chain Information System, Blockchain, Digital Innovation, Risk and Resilience, Design Science, Human-machine reconcile

  • Stine S. Johansen

    Areas of interest: Human-Computer Interaction, Interaction Design, Human-Robot Interaction, Theories and Methods of Design, Tangible and Embodied Design, Sound

Current Research Students


  • Amara Bains

    Areas of interest: Community participation in artificial intelligence design; AI for social good; ICT for development (ICT4D); AI for development (AI4D); Anthro-complexity; Decolonisation, Ethics, Bias in artificial intelligence, Inclusive AI

  • Tess Brading

    Areas of Interest: Participatory design, co-design, creative health, immersive technologies, VR, XR, paediatric health, pain management, design for health.

  • Michael Bromage

    Areas of interest: Innovation and design, creative industries, institutionalism, intermediation, commoning, policy and governance, social ecology and innovation ecosystems, collaborative city-making and collaboration processes, collaborative technology, systems design and implementation, stories that change cities, and digital media.

  • Isabel Byram

    Areas of interest: Fashion and wearable products, Design for health and well-being, Sustainability, Process, trans/inter/multi-disciplinary design, Industry 4.0

  • Diego Camelo

    Areas of interest: Open innovation, green manufacturing, digital information

  • Sabine Carter

    Areas of Interest: Visual communication, design thinking, participatory action research, co-design, creative facilitation, community collaboration, craftivism and DIY culture, low- and slow tech, eco feminism, art activism, ethics and sustainability, circular economy, ecological identity

  • Justine Coneybeer

    Areas of Interest: Fashion, sustainability, social enterprise, waste, ethics, activism

  • Mathilde Desselle

    Areas of Interest: Design for health, advanced manufacturing, open innovation

  • James Dwyer

    Areas of Interest: the application of social cue derived communication mechanisms to appearance-constrained and functional robots and explores methods of virtual prototyping for improved Human-Robot Collaboration.

  • Stephen Fischer

    Areas of interest: Sustainable Design; Landscape Architecture; Health & Wellbeing.

  • Anthony Franze

    Areas of interest: Augmented, mixed and virtual reality technologies, advanced manufacturing, human-computer Interaction, transdisciplinary design, research through design, and participatory and collaborative design.

  • Kavita Gonsalves

    Areas of interest: Citymaking and civic engagement, Placemaking: Activism, Urban Play, Storytelling, Digital Placemaking Participatory Design

  • Martina Hale

    Areas of Interest: Designing Environments for people living with dementia; inclusive public places; Design for All

  • Naputsamohn (Ib) Junpiban

    Areas of interest: Cross-cultural approaches and co-design methods, Cross-cultural design for health and wellbeing, Realities technology, Design thinking, Youth mental health, Practice-based research methods

  • Wanjiru (E) Karanja

    Areas of Interest: Intergenerational learning and living environments, universal design, age-friendly cities, housing, urban resilience

  • Tobias Kramer

    Areas of interest: Thermal comfort, climate design, computational building simulation, machine learning

  • Amari Low

    Areas of interest: Locative media, virtual placemaking, interactive narrative, co-creative community engagement

  • Valeria Macalupu

    Areas of interest: Design robotics, human-robot interaction, wearable design.

  • Vikki McLeod

    Areas of Interest: Energy Transitions, energy and environmental markets, Integration of Distributed Energy Resources, Demand Flexibility trading, Non-Traditional Energy Business Models, Creating Investment Environments for Technology and Business Model Innovation.

  • Jenna Mikus

    Areas of interest: Design for Health & Well-being; Eudaemonia; Phygital (Physical + Digital) Experience Design; “Smart” Environments; Innovation & Design Thinking; Architectural Science; Sustainable Development & Urban Growth; More-than-Human Urban Theory; Self-Determination Theory; Co-design; Inclusive Design; Design or All

  • Mehrnoosh Mirzaei

    Areas of interest: Design for the real world, interaction design, experience design, child-centered design

  • Leighann Ness Wilson

    Areas of interest: Design Thinking, Design-led pedagogies, Primary Education, STEAM, Technologies Curriculum

  • Ksenia Nikolaeva

    Areas of interest: Urban planning, elevated walkways, site analysis, land use data, including land use mapping, visual impact assessment, conceptual planning, master planning, author's supervision.

  • Jun (Stefan) Quan Choo

    Area of interest: Embodied music interaction, wearables, music, wellbeing, mobilities

  • Ana Ricchiardi

    Areas of interest: Urban Morphology, transitional morphologies, urban and social sciences, mapping, informality, architecture for development, Global South

  • Ahmed Mohamed Nasr Sakr

    Areas of interest: Vernacular Architecture, Sustainability, Robotic Additive Manufacturing, Parametric design, and Space Architecture.

  • Hira Sheikh

    Areas of interest: More-than-Human and Multispecies Studies Smart Urban Governance Foresight Studies

  • Tara Stringer

    Areas of interest: Fashion, Modern slavery, Consumer behaviour, Ethics, Sustainability

  • Gunawan (Gunte) Tanuwidjaja

    Areas of interest: Inclusive design, human centred design, healthcare architecture, aging architecture, educational design

  • Dannielle Tarlinton

    Areas of Interest: Tangible, Embedded, and Embodied Interaction, Computer-Human Interaction, Human-Centred Design, Design for Children, User Engagement, User Experience

  • Khoa Tran

    Areas of Interest: Human-computer interaction (HCI), Child-computer interaction (CCI), tangible embodied and embedded interaction (TEI), intergenerational play, active play

  • Abigail Tucker

    Areas of interest: Experience design experiential retail fashion retail regional fashion communities fashion curating fashion merchandising sustainable fashion enterprise

  • Yuehao (Hayley) Wang

    Areas of Interest: Human-Computer Interaction, Human-centered design, Interaction Design, Tangible and Embodied Interaction

  • Yuanyuan Wei

    Areas of Interest: Wearable Device Design, Mixed Reality, Human-Computer Interaction

  • Prithi Yadav

    Areas of interest: Design research, urban issues, experience design, design for social change, pluriversal design, transdisciplinary design



  • Dr Fitri (Inka) Arlinkasari

    Areas of interest: Children's environments, child-friendly cities, children's participatory actions

  • Dr Gnanaharsha Beligatamulla

    Areas of interest: Design Thinking Pedagogy, Contemporary Design Practice and Theory (Design Thinking, Co-design, Participatory Design, Human-Centred Design), Integrated and transdisciplinary design, User experience beyond digital products, Teaching-Learning-Assessment in Design, Creativity and Innovation for all

  • Dr Alan Burden

    Areas of interest: Design robotics, digital fabrication, user experience (UX), interaction design (IxD), human-robot interaction (HRI), research-through-design (RtD)

  • Dr David Corbett

    Areas of interest: urban governance, civic participation and capacity-building for the adaptation of urban systems to change

  • Dr Rhodian Deetlefs

    Areas of interest: industrial design, remedial creative practice

  • Dr Matthew Hutchinson

    Areas of interest: seniors living design

  • Dr Waldemar Jenek

    Areas of interest: Architecture with immersive technologies, augmented reality, virtual reality, augmented experiences, mixed reality, immersive environments, media architecture, design education, educational virtuality, smart cities, building information modelling (BIM)

  • Dr Sarah Johnstone

  • Dr Yu Kao

    Areas of interest: Interaction design, Research through Design, Design method, Creative placemaking

  • Dr Samantha Kies-Ryan

    Areas of interest: Community-based ater management, Community-based climate change adaptation, Co-creative media, Visual creative methods, Community cultural mapping, Participatory action research, Reflective practice, Creative facilitation

  • Dr Chen Kuangfan

    Areas of interest: Digital intervention in public space, playable engagement, gamification, technologies (VR, AR, MR etc.) application in future urban design

  • Dr Islam Mashaly

    Areas of interest: Building information modelling daylight design building performance simulation design optimisation

  • Dr Jock McQueenie

    Areas of interest: Social/digital inclusion, creativity in corporate social investment and professional development for creative professionals, community, culture and commerce

  • Dr Zoe Mellick

    Areas of interest: Understanding opportunities to create sustainable value along the apparel and textile supply chain.

  • Dr Francisca Rodriguez

    Areas of interest: Dynamic daylight, Outdoor views, Post-Occupancy Evaluation methods, Subjective user assessments, Virtual Reality

  • Dr Ghazaleh Sepahpour

    Areas of interest: Design and psychology product-person interaction emotional experiences of everyday objects design for children

  • Dr Boyuan Sheng

    Areas of interest: Green infrastructure, water sensitive urban design, landscape planning, flood and drought management

  • Paige Street

    Areas of interest: Fashion, Global Responsibility, Digital Activism, Instagram, Political Consumerism, Feminism and Gendered Solidarity, Ethics and Sustainability

  • Dr Anna Svensdotter

    Areas of interest: Architecture, urban informatics, inclusiveness, interstitial urban space, spatial design.

  • Dr Ayman Wagdy

    Areas of interest: Daylight, glare, parametric design, building simulation, machine learning, advanced digital simulation and analysis, robotic control, VR and AR

  • Dr Kamal Wasala

    Areas of interest: Product design, fashion design, interactive digital design

  • Dr Matthew Zenkteler

    Areas of interest: Urban planning, future of work, place making

  • Dr Ding (Joe) Zhou

    Areas of interest: Design-led STEM education, Design-based pedagogy, Design for additive manufacturing/3D printing, Tangible interaction design

  • Dr Parisa Ziaesaeidi

    Areas of interest: Social sustainability, neighbourhood development, built environment