Design today is not a noun, but a verb. It is not an object, but an action. It is not an artefact, but an approach. Design resists stasis: it enables, disrupts, innovates, mediates, and facilitates.  Uniquely equipped to deliver social, cultural, political, economic and environmental impacts, Design will drive value creation and innovation in the 21st century.

Design Manifesto

The QUT Design Lab and the School of Design engaged in a process to tease out the values we want to adhere to in research, teaching, learning, and practice. The result is the QUT Design Manifesto:

Design is inclusive [open].
Design serves people, place, and planet [ethical].
Design seeks a better future [optimistic].
Design privileges curiosity [experimental].
Design disrupts to drive positive change [transformational].

The QUT Design Lab Mission

Moving beyond the creation of objects or artefacts, the QUT Design Lab demonstrates the benefit and value of design methods, practices, and outcomes in realising Australia’s National Innovation agenda.

Our mission is “Change by Design.”

Fostering transdisciplinary collaboration, the QUT Design Lab is a centre for bold, fresh, and rigorous design-led research that seeks to tackle our most pressing 21st century challenges. The QUT Design Lab offers an open, agile and permeable structure comprising three value-driven research programs.

As a hub and home for a diverse team of academics, research students, industry professionals, and community leaders, the QUT Design Lab supports transdisciplinary collaborations that result in tangible impact and engagement, and which transfer knowledge and technology into beneficial applications for industry, society, and the environment.

Organisational Structure

The QUT Design Lab is structured into three broad areas:

  1. Three Research Programs: Design for Technology, Design for Communities, and Design for Health and Wellbeing, which collectively cover the breadth of the value-led research supported within the Lab.
  2. Our Tools & Techniques: design thinking, design education, design fabrication, design criticality, which are service-oriented focussing on consultancies, commercial research, and revenue generation, plus specialist Labs.
  3. Research Training provides the home for all Higher Degree Research (HDR) students in the School of Design and focusses on recruiting new talent and building a strong research culture.


Leadership Team

Advisory Board

The intellectual leadership of the QUT Design Lab is guided by the Advisory Board, chaired by the Lab Director. Its membership is being confirmed.