QUT Design Lab Student Research Topics

QUT Design Lab are always looking for promising PhD candidates to undertake projects to conduct world-leading research that aligns to our overarching mission of “Change by Design”. Applicants with excellent academic track records or equivalent professional research experience may be eligible for competitive PhD scholarships in QUT’s Annual Scholarship Round to undertake study with us.

We welcome expressions of interest for projects that directly address the Design Lab’s research programs:
Design for Health, Emerging Technologies, and Mobility Futures

Study with Us: PhD topics at Design Lab

Transforming home healthcare: leveraging technology for
enhanced people experience
Supervisory team:
Prof. Chamorro-Koc,
Prof Miller, Dr Swann
Elevating Performance: Innovative Design Strategies
for Body-Worn  (diagnostic/biosensing)
Supervisory team:
Prof Chamorro-Koc,
A/Prof Pandey
Supporting second hand
clothing purchases
Supervisory team:
Dr Taylor, Prof White

Exploring the value and potential
of hyperlocal gift economies

Supervisory team:
Dr Taylor, Prof White
Designing for individuals:
Leveraging advanced
anufacturing for
customised products
Supervisory team:
Dr Koch, Prof Hearn
Reimagining Air Travel Passenger Experience Supervisory team:
Dr Swann
Designing Micromobility for
Equitable and Responsible Use
Supervisory team:
Dr Swann
Road map to local circular communities: strategies, barriers, enablers. Supervisory team:
A/Prof Ferrero-Regis
Local sustainable procurement to support a circular local industry in fashion and textiles Supervisory team:
A/Prof Ferrero-Regis
What does the future of fashion look like? Supervisory team:
Dr Lindgren,
Kathleen Horton
The failure of the market for fashion Supervisory team:
Dr Lindgren,
Kathleen Horton
Menstrual cycle Femtech for elite athlete performance optimisation through wearable technology Supervisory team:
Prof Chamorro-Koc,
Prof Gene Moyle, and Industry Supervisor Ms Mathilde Desselle


YouTube video: Tips, tricks, terminologies and advice on completing your PhD at QUT


How to apply

As a higher degree research student, you will be specialising in your chosen field. Finding the right person to guide you along the way is important.
Design Lab Director, Associate Professor Evonne Miller has created a guide on how to get a rock star supervisor. You can identify prospective supervisors by browsing our team overview.

Prior to contacting your potential supervisor, we encourage you to take the following steps:

  1. Ensure you meet the Entry Requirements
  2. Identify a supervisor. All higher degree research candidates require a supervisor; before you submit your formal application, you need to actively search for potential supervisors in your chosen field.
  3. Contact your prospective supervisor and send them:
    • a cover letter
    • an up to date curriculum vitae (CV), including recent IELTS or equivalent score for international applicants
    • your full academic transcript
    • a two page research proposal addressing research topic. Download this template to assist your application process: QUT Design Lab Research Proposal Template
    • a writing sample (e.g. copy of an article, essay, thesis you have written)
  4. Once you have an agreement with a supervisor commence your applications process:
    • After completing steps 1-3 you are ready to formally submit your application to be considered for admissions – rounds usually close around September of each year.


Keep up-to-date with available annual Scholarships here: QUT’s Annual Scholarship Round page and the QUT scholarship finder for general scholarships.

QUT Application Guide

You can find out more information on how to apply in the QUT Annual Research Scholarship Round Applicant Guide.


Questions relating to admissions and scholarship applications should be directed to hdr@qut.edu.au or by phone: (07) 3138 7200.

Questions relating to Design Lab research opportunities, or for support in finding the right supervisor please contact our Higher Degree Research Training Coordinator:

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