Showcase Videos

2020 | BIONICS QLD PITCH | Training Soft Robots

A QUT team of scientists and engineers from the Biofabrication and Tissue Morphology group won the inaugural Bionics Queensland Grand Challenge in the bionic mobility category.

  2019 | FASHION SHOW | The Hospital of the Future Fashion Collection

In partnership with QUT Creative Industries, the Herston Biofabrication Institute conference showcases a collection of futuristic hospital attire, designed by QUT Fashion Design students.

  2018 | INTERVIEW | The Health Informatics Society of Australia | “Biofabrication & Regenerative Medicine

Dr Sean Powell discusses innovations in biofabrication and how this is shaping the healthcare in the HISA Studio.

2018 | EVENT SUMMARY | Queensland Women in Technology | “Women and Technology Queensland Awards 2018

Prof Mia Woodruff and PhD student Naomi Paxton awarded Women in Technology Life Sciences Awards 2018.

  2016 | SHOWCASE VIDEO | QUT IHBI | “The Search for Solutions”

Dr Sean Powell presents the BTM group’s biofabrication research in a promotional video for IHBI’s biomedical innovation research.

  2016 | PRESENTATION | TEDxUniversityofWuerzburg | “The Future of Biofabrication”

Biofabrication Masters student, Naomi Paxton, talks about the ground-breaking multidisciplinary research area of biofabrication and what it holds for the future.

  2015 | ONLINE TV ADVERTS | Advance Queensland Advertising | “Imagine a world with 3D printed body tissue”

Prof Mia Woodruff’s research was showcased in the QLD Gov’s Advance Queensland advertising campaign.

  2015 | TV PROGRAM | SCOPE S3 E66 | “3D Printing in Medicine”

Aimed at 8-14 year olds, SCOPE’s mission is to “demystify the world of science and technology, and make it relevant, accessible and above all fascinating to a young audience”.

  2015 | TV PROGRAM | SCOPE S3 E92 | “3D Printing in Medicine”

As one of the producer’s favourite segments of the year, an update on QUT Biofabrication research was shown.

  2014 | TV PROGRAM | SBS2 The Feed | “Biofabrication: 3D Printing Human Parts”

This documentary provides an insight into Prof Mia Woodruff’s ground-breaking research.

  2014 | PRESENTATION | TEDxQUT | “Absolutely Biofabulous”

Peek into Mia Woodruff’s vision of the future where the fabrication of patient-specific replacement tissue and organs is a safe, cost-effective and routine.