Melt Electrowriting

Biofabrication is the production of tissues and organs using 3D printing to address health challenges in medicine

Computational Medical Engineering

Computational methods to predict and optimise medical engineering translation.

Cell & Tissue Growth

Culturing cells in 3D closely emulates in vivo tissue architecture and function

FutureHear & 3D Facial Scanning

FutureHear, bringing research and industry together to work towards a common goal, creating future solutions for children with microtia.

Personalised Anatomical Modelling

3D printed models of patient anatomy for surgical planning & patient education

Augmented and Virtual Reality

Exploring the hospital of the future in virtual and augmented reality

Versatile 3D Printers

Low cost, versatile & adaptable 3D printers for bespoke biofabrication applications

Personalised N95 Masks

Leveraging our 3D scan, model and print technology to develop better-fitting facemasks for QLD clinicians


Our world class histology facility has the capacity to perform expert, reproducible and high throughput histological services

Hospital of the Future

The Biofabrication & Tissue Morphology Group has a vision for the Hospital of the Future, where advancing technology in 3D scanning, modelling and printing of bone, cartilage and other human tissue is used to repair tissue that is lost or damaged.

3D Printing in Schools

Delivering highly-valued STEM learning experiences with innovative STEM solutions for real world impact.

Hospital of the Future Fashion

Introducing a new collaboration with QUT Creative Industries, stepping into the future of hospital fashion.