Jessica Cheers

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HDR Students, Woolworths Centre for Childhood Nutrition

Jessica Cheers is a User Experience designer, PhD candidate, design educator and all-round playful human. She has an Honours degree in Interactive and Visual Design from Queensland University of Technology, as well as 7 years experience practicing across a range of design modalities. Embedded within the QUT Design Lab, HEAL Lab, Woolworths Centre for Childhood Nutrition Research (WCCNR) and diverse industry contexts, she has working extensively in the health and wellbeing space, interested in how we might collectively imagine the future of healthcare. Her work currently centres around play, specifically the role of playful, creative and exploratory methods in the Participatory Design process. Her PhD research explores how varying degrees and types of play ­– from tangible making to games and role playing – might impact both facilitator and end-user engagement with complex healthcare problems. She is currently working with PD facilitators across a number of healthcare projects, including researchers at the WCCNR, to collaboratively design PD resources. Her work has been exhibited internationally, and she has produced award-winning work in the fields of digital health and system design/social design.