External Advisory Group

  • Professor Aimee McVeigh

    Chief Executive Officer, Queensland Council of Social Service (QCOSS)

    Professor Aimee McVeigh is QCOSS’ Chief Executive Officer, and a strong advocate for equality, opportunity and wellbeing for all Queenslanders. As a community lawyer and human rights advocate, Aimee led the successful campaign for a Human Rights Act for Queensland. Aimee has qualifications in communications and law, attaining a Master...

  • Emeritus Professor Lynne Daniels

    Research Chair, Institute Health and Biomedical Innovation, Queensland University of Technology

    Professor Lynne Daniels was appointed to a newly established capacity building research chair within the Institute Health and Biomedical Innovation in August 2006. Her research interests include nutrition and feeding in infancy and early childhood, childhood obesity, selenium status of infants and nutrition assessment and support of older adults. Research...

  • Emeritus Professor David Crawford

    Prev Deakin University Head, School of Exercise and Nutrition Sciences

    Professor David Crawford has more than 40 years’ of experience in public health research.  His research has focused on the role of nutrition and physical activity in chronic disease prevention and management; development of behaviour change strategies to improve health; population strategies to promote healthy eating and physical activity.

  • Damon Mudge

    Interim Executive Manager and Management Consultant

    Damon is an Interim Executive Manager and Management Consultant with extensive experience in the health industry working in both commercial and non-profit organisations in the pharmaceutical, medical and health industries. Originally an Exercise Physiologist, Damon is an MBA qualified generalist with experience working as a CIO, COO and CEO.  His...