Research publications

YuMi Deadly Maths teaching resources

The YuMi Deadly Centre produces research publications in two main categories:

  • academic publications (journal articles, conference papers, book chapters, monographs)
  • professional publications (project materials and reports).

Academic publications

The dissemination of research via published articles and conference presentations is a priority for YDC. Through this process YDC can inform the wider community of its projects and how the team is working towards bringing about change in the ways that young people are being supported with their learning.

Academic publications written by YDC staff are available on the Publications page of this website and through QUT ePrints under each staff member’s name.

Professional publications

As described under Research approach, YDC research operates at three interlinked levels: theory, intervention and materials. In this way, teaching resource books and other written materials form a key component of all YDC research projects. Regular project reports are also produced as part of each project’s deliverables. YDC refers to these project materials and reports as its professional publications.