Higher degree research

YDC HDR contacts: Tom CooperCharlotte Cottier

YDC aims to create and maintain a teacher-as-researcher culture with its project participants including school and TAFE directors, principals, teachers and teacher aides. This is an important component of YDC projects as it is a way to ensure sustainability of projects by bringing a new generation to research in teaching and learning mathematics.

To this end, YDC encourages participants in its projects to enrol in and complete QUT higher degrees, focusing on an aspect of their involvement in YDC projects. The research degrees available to postgraduate students in the Faculty of Education at QUT include the MPhil (Master of Philosophy), the EdD (Doctor of Education) and the PhD (Doctor of Philosophy). There are also coursework Masters degrees available.

Formal applications for Higher Degree Research study are processed by the QUT Research Students Centre. If you are interested in enrolling in a higher degree and would like to have a preliminary discussion about how you could use your involvement in a YDC project as a basis for your research, please contact us to arrange an appointment.

  Consult QUT’s research degrees page for all information and procedures relating to admissions.