YuMi Deadly Maths Teacher Development Training

Project dates: 01/01/2012 - Ongoing

This series of projects delivers YuMi Deadly Maths (YDM) to individual schools or regional clusters of schools which may be located anywhere in Australia.

YDM Teacher Development Training projects aim to train teachers to trial YDM in terms of its effectiveness in improving mathematics teaching and learning, and in relation to characteristics of schools, teachers and students. Feedback provided by teachers leads to ongoing modification of YDM materials. The projects also draw conclusions with respect to effective train-the-trainer mathematics programs.

The primary aim of YDM training is to increase the capacity of schools to improve the mathematics learning outcomes of their students. YDM training projects provide 12 days of PD (usually 4 x 3-day blocks) across one or two years and can be tailored to suit individual schools or clusters.

YDM North Queensland

This project began in 2013 and to date has delivered YDM training to ten schools in North Queensland. The training continues on a rolling basis with new teachers able to join each year to help schools sustain YDM. Training workshops are delivered in Townsville.

Two other North Queensland cohorts of schools are receiving training as part of the CSIRO BHP Billiton PRIME Futures Program.

Past YDM training projects

YDM Toowoomba: 2015–17

This project ran from mid 2015 to late 2017 and delivered YDM training to one primary school in Toowoomba. School visits for in-school support were also provided. Since undertaking the project, the school has demonstrated exemplary practice in YDM and has now been selected as a YDM Centre for Excellence.

YDM Special Schools: 2014–16 and 2015–17

This project focused on improving the pedagogy of teachers to enhance the mathematics learning of students with intellectual special needs and a range of disabilities. The first YDM Special Schools project ran from April 2014 to April 2016 and involved 12 schools in Brisbane, Toowoomba, Bundaberg, Gladstone and Mackay. A second cohort of two Brisbane special schools completed their two-year YDM training from late 2015 to late 2017. Evidence from the project showed growth and transformation in teaching practice and student achievement.

Read more about the Special Schools project in the YDC Blog.

YDM Metropolitan: 2014–15

This project delivered YDM training to four schools (two primary, one P–12 and one secondary) located within driving distance of Brisbane. Training was structured as six 2-day workshops across the two years rather than four 3-day workshops, which worked well for this diverse group. Two schools opted for school visits to model classroom teaching with the RAMR cycle and inform other teachers of the YDM pedagogy.

YDM Remote: 2013–15

This project delivered YDM training to four schools in the Gulf and Border region of Queensland. Training was a combination of online and visits to schools.

YDM Central Queensland: 2012–15

The first YDM Central Queensland project, YDM Next Steps, ran from 2012 to 2014 and delivered YDM training to five schools from Gladstone to Mackay. Training was delivered in Rockhampton to key teachers and to all teachers by visits to individual schools from YDC practitioners.

A second YDM Central Queensland project, YDM CQ14, delivered YDM training to six primary and two high schools in the Emerald/Blackwater region in 2014 and 2015.

A new Central Queensland cohort is now receiving training as part of the CSIRO BHP Billiton PRIME Futures Program.

YDM Brisbane–North Coast: 2012–14

This project delivered YDM training to four schools from Brisbane to Gympie. Training was tailored to individual schools and was a combination of central delivery and visits to schools.

YDM TIMEX: 2012–14

This project involved four schools that were part of the TIME project in 2010–11. It provided these schools with extra training through school visits to improve their implementation of YDM.

YDM-WMR Victoria: 2012–13

This project delivered YDM training to a network of 12 schools in the Western Metropolitan Region of Victoria. The project was funded by the Victorian Department of Education and Early Childhood Development. Professional development for key teachers from the schools was delivered at a central location in the region, together with resources, website access, and online support, using an action-research approach.

Funding / Grants

  • Self-funded by schools or regions

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