YDM Centres for Excellence

Project dates: 01/08/2012 - Ongoing

In 2011, the YuMi Deadly Centre (YDC) proposed the idea of YuMi Deadly Maths (YDM) Centres for Excellence with participating schools from the DET Teaching Indigenous Mathematics Education (TIME) project and the Indigenous Schooling Support Unit. The aim was to engage schools in showcasing their implementation of the YDM approach to other schools and to assist YDC in promoting and encouraging other schools to adopt YDM processes.

The first three YDM Centres for Excellence were selected in 2012 based on the following criteria:

  • evidence of successful implementation of YuMi Deadly Maths
  • willingness to be a Centre for Excellence to showcase the process in action at the school
  • adoption of the YDM approach as a whole school
  • level of community involvement.

As more schools have completed YDM training, additional schools have been selected and the original schools have withdrawn due to changing circumstances.

The three current YDM Centres for Excellence listed below demonstrate excellent practice in YuMi Deadly Maths. If you are interested in learning more about YDM, contact one of these schools to discuss its effectiveness, or visit them to see YDM in practice.

Current YDM Centres for Excellence

Annandale State School
Annandale State School, Townsville


Rockville State School
Rockville State School, Toowoomba

Click on the link below to view YDM in action at Rockville:

Hands-on maths program adds up


Victoria Park State School
Victoria Park State School, Mackay


Past YDM Centres for Excellence

The schools below have previously been designated YDM Centres for Excellence:

  • Beenleigh State School, Brisbane (2012–17)
  • Kingston State School, Brisbane (2013–17)
  • Marsden State School, Brisbane (2012–15)
  • Sunshine Harvester Primary School, Victoria (2013–17)
  • Vincent State School, Townsville (2012–17)

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