JAM Music and Mathematics (JAMATH)

Project dates: 01/01/2011 - 30/06/2016

This innovative project integrates mathematics and music with the aim of improving students’ mathematics understanding. The project is a collaboration between YDC and music group Join Australian Music (JAM).

The project involves maths-music lessons that are built around maths-music workshops. YDC provides professional development and instructional material to prepare teachers for conducting maths-music lessons, using music contexts to look at the maths topics of number, fraction, patterning, measurement and shape. The music contexts are used as both real-world authentic instances of mathematics and as a starting point and motivation for mathematics exploration.

JAM provides professional musicians to facilitate maths-music workshops covering, for example, song writing, instrument building and sound engineering.

JAMATH has been successfully piloted in several state schools in Queensland. The first pilot was funded by a QUT Engagement Innovation Grant in 2011–12 and involved trials in four Brisbane schools. A second pilot, funded by Rio Tinto Coal Australia’s Kestrel Aboriginal Community Development Fund, ran at a central Queensland school in 2014. A poster and conference paper on the first JAMATH pilot project were presented at the Australian Universities Community Engagement Alliance ‘Next Steps’ conference held at QUT from 9–11 July 2012.

Read more about the Central Queensland JAMATH project on the QUT News page or download the information brochure below.

JAMATH Brochure 2018

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Funding / Grants

  • QUT Engagement Innovation grant (2011–12) and Rio Tinto Coal Australia’s Kestrel Aboriginal Community Development Fund (2014)

Chief Investigators