Teaching mathematics to students with disability

Professor Tom Cooper delighted attendees at Down Syndrome Queensland’s annual Endless Possibilities conference in March with his workshop on teaching mathematics to students with disability. “Really learned about kinaesthetic mathematics which was great – he has a great sense of humour” “Just as motivating as he was 20 years ago when he…

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Maths, story and dance: an Indigenous approach to teaching

Dr Chris Matthews

A new method using culture-based storytelling to teach maths to Aboriginal children is reaping results. Aboriginal school children on average lag two years behind their non-Indigenous peers when it comes to maths, but according to one expert we can bridge the gap by paying better attention to culture. “Maths and science are very much…

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New YDM Lesson Plans

In collaboration with the Queensland Department of Education and Training, the YuMi Deadly Centre is developing new teacher resources for Prep (Foundation) to Year 9 to support aspects of the Australian Curriculum content descriptors and cross-curriculum priorities (in particular, embedding Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander histories…

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Calls to lift basic numeracy skills for students with disabilities

Australian children with disabilities who leave school without basic numeracy skills may face a difficult future and struggle to gain employment. QUT’s YuMi Deadly Maths program was designed to lift standards of numeracy and has been adapted for use in 12 Education Queensland special schools. Early results from the program have seen high…

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Maths program to help Queensland children with a disability gain employment

A Queensland special school is shaking up how to teach mathematics in a bid to reverse poor rates of employment for people with disabilities. Goodna Special School is one of 12 special schools running the YuMi Deadly Maths program developed by the YuMi Deadly Centre and modified for students with disabilities. The YuMi Deadly Maths…

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