"Uber and Out?" Regulating work in the gig economy

On 4 August, 2016 there was a seminar hosted by the Work/Industry Futures Research Program and the Intellectual Property and Innovation Research Program (QUT Faculty of Law). The guest speaker, Professor Andrew Stewart (University of Adelaide), presented “Uber and Out? Regulating Work in the Gig Economy”.

A growing numUberber of Australians, like their counterparts elsewhere, are engaged in various forms of platform-based on-call work.  They use apps, like those offered by Uber, Freelancer or Airtasker, to connect with clients, performing anything from internet-based micro-tasks to more traditional forms of labour, such as driving or home maintenance.  Andrew’s seminar will review what we know about the nature and prevalence of these arrangements and consider the challenges they pose to existing forms of labour regulation, in relation to issues such as minimum wages, work safety and discrimination.