We have particular expertise around three themes which emphasise current trends and future developments in Australian and global environmental, economic and human challenges. These research themes are sustainable governance, employability and education, and just work.  They span topics including:

Sustainable Governance

the politics of fossil fuels, agribusiness futures and corporate social responsibility

climate change, advocacy and social movements

Employability and Education

precarious and unpaid work, skill development, and workforce futures

teaching impact and professional recognition

Just Work

social media at work, customising work, labour mobility and accessibility

the nature and legality of unpaid work


Working with Australian and international partners in the public, private and non-profit sectors, Work/Industry Futures researchers have been addressing these urgent concerns through research which directly informs creative and cost-effective policy responses. The scope and impact of our new and ongoing projects has been extensive.

These programs of research have resulted in substantial end-user impacts, as evidenced by three cases that were shortlisted for the 2016 QUT research impact competition.

For more information, read about our current research projects and the social impact of our research.  Also visit our research students page to see the profiles of our higher degree research students.