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Director, Work/Industry Futures Research Program

Using cultural and economic geography as a primary analytic, Robyn Mayes’ research is concerned with the investigation and theorisation of mobile/migrant labour (FIFO and au pairs), global production networks and CSR, new social movements, local community/ies, embodiments of rural change and senses of place. These concerns are explored through ongoing empirical work largely centered on the Australian mining industry. This encompasses, for example, substantial ethnographic work in mining-affected communities, qualitative case studies of the implications of Fly-in, Fly-out (FIFO) work patterns and labour migration on spouses and local communities, along with textual analyses of ‘mining’ discourses.  New research examines the ways in which work is shaped by digital platforms, including geographical dimensions.   Find out more about Robyn Mayes.




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  • (2019) Corporate funding and local community development: a case from the mining industry in Australia. In McCrea, N & Finnegan, F (Eds.) Funding, power and community development:. Policy Press, United Kingdom, pp. 85-100.
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  • Boyer, Kate, , & (2017) Narrations and practices of mobility and immobility in the maintenance of gender dualisms. Mobilities, 12(6), pp. 847-860.
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