• Associate Professor Robyn Mayes

    Director, Work/Industry Futures Research Program

    Using cultural and economic geography as a primary analytic, Robyn Mayes’ research is concerned with the investigation and theorisation of mobile/migrant labour (FIFO and au pairs), global production networks and CSR, new social movements, local community/ies, embodiments of rural change and senses of place. These concerns are explored through ongoing empirical...

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Research team

  • Dr Melinda Laundon

    Melinda Laundon is a lecturer in learning and teaching development, impact and recognition in the QUT Academy of Learning and Teaching. Her research interests include performance, reward and recognition, research impact, higher education policy and learning and teaching. Her work is often based on interdisciplinary approaches combining public policy, employment...

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  • Dr Jannine Williams

    From her background in working with D/deaf and disabled people, research projects on disabled academics’ career experiences and gender, Jannine has developed research interests in the development and organization of socially responsible work which is explored through a concern for the meaning and experiences of work and how work practices...

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  • Associate Professor Michael Flood

    Michael Flood is an Associate Professor and an ARC Future Fellow (2015 – 2018). His research agenda focuses on gender, sexuality, and interpersonal violence. Dr Flood’s research at present is focused in particular on interpersonal violence and its prevention, particularly with reference to men and masculinities. Dr Flood has published...

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  • Associate Professor Kevin Sanson

    Dr Kevin Sanson is an Associate Professor in the School of Communication and Discipline Leader for Digital Media and Entertainment Industries at Queensland University of Technology. He also an active member of the the SoC’s Digital Media Research Centre and the School of Management’s Work/Industry Futures Research Program. Additionally, he is...

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  • Dr Ian Davis

    Ian Davis is Strategic Lead, Learning and Teaching Development, Impact and Recognition in QUT’s Academy of Learning and Teaching.  His aim is to create increased access to education in all its forms. He is passionate about demystifying the academic process to help staff and students realise their professional and academic...

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  • Dr Penny Williams

    Penny is a post-doctoral research fellow exploring the future of work.  Penny has over 15 years experience in corporate HR and strategic consultancy roles, working across public and private sectors, nationally and internationally. Her background underpins her research into the changing nature of work and the implications the new modes...

  • Dr Carol Richards

    Carol Richards is a food and agricultural sociologist specialising in sustainable food systems, climate justice and environmental management. She has published widely on the topics of food waste, food security, supermarket power, land acquisition and climate justice movements and has received funding from the Australian and Norwegian Research Councils. Her...

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  • Dr Bree Hurst

    Bree Hurst is a Lecturer in the QUT Business School. Bree’s research addresses complex problems in organisational settings, with a particular focus on the nexus between organisations, industry, and society. Her research expertise is in organisational communication, with an emphasis in the areas of corporate social responsibility (CSR) and stakeholder engagement....

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  • Dr Katherine Moore

    Katherine Moore brings a passion for, and a wealth of experience in, the disability employment field. Her research addresses employability for vulnerable groups, with a specific focus on people with disability and youth employment.  Katherine has previously led an NGO-funded project investigating pathways to sustainable employment for vulnerable youth in two...

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  • Dr Deanna Grant-Smith

    Deputy Director

    Deanna Grant-Smith brings to her research an innovative interdisciplinary approach that is underpinned by a commitment to sustainability and social inclusion. Prior to an academic career, she worked in the government sector, where she had roles in policy development and implementation, public sector reform, integrated regional planning, inter-governmental program management, organisational...

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  • Professor Paula McDonald

    Paula McDonald is Professor of Work and Organisation and visiting Professor at Queen Mary University London. Paula’s research addresses topics which span: the dimensions of digital platform work; education to work transitions for young people; social media in employment; customised and flexible work; and socio-legal aspects of workplace discrimination. Paula has...

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  • Professor Abby Cathcart

    Abby Cathcart is a Professor of Work and Organisation and Director of the QUT Academy of Learning and Teaching. Abby has worked in a range of private and public sector roles and is currently a non-executive director of a Bendigo Community Bank, and a Global Strategic Advisor for the UK Higher Education...

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  • Associate Professor Jennifer Bartlett

    Jennifer Bartlett is an Associate Professor of Public Relations in the School of Advertising, Marketing and Public Relations. Her research work focuses on corporate social responsibility, stakeholder engagement and how organisations navigate economic and socio-political agendas to manage legitimacy and reputation. She has expertise in issues management and stakeholder communication...

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External collaborators

We also collaborate with leading international experts including: