• Paula McDonald

    Paula McDonald is Professor of Work and Organisation and Director of the Work/Industry Futures Research Program in the QUT Business School. Paula’s research adopts an interdisciplinary, systems-level approach, addressing complex problems in workplace settings, including finance, defence, policing, community services, government and education. Paula has been awarded 6 major competitive research grants ($M1.8...

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Research team

  • Jennifer Bartlett

    Jennifer Bartlett is an Associate Professor of Public Relations in the School of Advertising, Marketing and Public Relations. Her research work focuses on corporate social responsibility, stakeholder engagement and how organisations navigate economic and socio-political agendas to manage legitimacy and reputation. She has expertise in issues management and stakeholder communication...

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  • Abby Cathcart

    Abby Cathcart is a Professor of Management in the QUT Business School. Prior to becoming an academic at QUT, Abby worked in management roles in the UK. Her research encompasses employee involvement, engagement and voice, incorporating flexible work, professional recognition and evaluation frameworks. Abby is a highly skilled educator and has won...

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  • Deanna Grant-Smith

    Deanna Grant-Smith brings to her research an innovative interdisciplinary approach that is underpinned by a commitment to sustainability and social inclusion. Prior to an academic career, she worked in the government sector, where she had roles in policy development and implementation, public sector reform, integrated regional planning, inter-governmental program management, organisational...

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  • Robyn Mayes

    Robyn Mayes is a Senior Research Fellow in the QUT Business School.  Her current research is concerned with global production networks, inclusive of questions of labour agency, corporate social responsibility, local community/ies, gender and senses of place. These concerns are explored through ongoing empirical work on the Australian mining industry....

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  • Carol Richards

    Carol Richards is a food and agricultural sociologist specialising in sustainable food systems, climate politics and global land acquisition. Her work presents a scholarly and empirically grounded critique of resource acquisition and distribution. She has published on the topics of food security; supermarket power; food waste, and natural resource management. She...

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  • Katherine Moore

    Katherine Moore brings a passion for, and a wealth of experience in, the disability employment field. Her research addresses employability for vulnerable groups, with a specific focus on people with disability and youth employment.  Her PhD research adopted qualitative methods and an embedded case study analysis in a large retailer...

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  • Bree Devin

    Bree Devin is a Lecturer in the QUT Business School. Bree’s research addresses complex problems in organisational settings, with a particular focus on the nexus between organisations, industry, and society. Her research expertise is in organisational communication, with an emphasis in the areas of corporate social responsibility (CSR) and stakeholder engagement....

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External collaborators

We also collaborate with leading international experts including: