Quality of work integrated learning (WIL) is becoming more important within higher education as the space of WIL matures (Smith, 2012).

Governments and regulators have become more interested in ensuring quality WIL practices as part of a larger push for quality assurance of teaching and learning in higher education (Pattison, 2017; Winchestor-Seeto, 2019).

It is therefore pressing that there is a shared framework and understanding of what constitutes quality WIL practice within a dynamic higher education sector.


This project has aimed to:

  • undertake a review of existing instruments and approaches to quality assurance of WIL across Australian universities; and,
  • to develop and benchmark a shared quality assurance framework to support the institution-wide quality assurance of WIL.


You will find in this site resources and outputs from this project, including access to a full quality assurance framework.


If you utilise the framework, or any resources from this project, the project team would be interested in receiving feedback and capturing your experience.  Please email any comments to wilquality@qut.edu.au



This research project has been a partnership between QUT, RMIT University and the University of Sydney.

This project was supported by an Australian Collaborative Education Network (ACEN) research grant.