Optimising Primary School Food and Nutrition Environments in Queensland

Towards a co-design model for sustainable action

Why is this important?

Currently, Australian children are not meeting the recommended intake amount of fruit and vegetables.

School-based nutrition education programs positively impact the dietary behaviours of children and improved aspects of children’s overall health. This four-year program of research aims to co-design and guide a place based model for building food literacy and improving diet quality among disadvantaged primary school children in Queensland.

What are we hoping to find?

The co-design model will be scalable to promote universal access and yet will be adaptable to enable schools to better respond to the unique challenges and opportunities in their local environment. Establishment of sustained positive health behaviours around nutrition including the increased consumption of fruit and vegetables, and an engaged school community to implement and drive the #SchoolFoodies model.

How are we doing this study?

Schools have been identified as appropriate settings for nutrition education and improving diet quality as most Australian children attend school five days per week, consuming at least one meal and one snack per day in the school environment. #schoolfoodies aims to offer a new co-design process that seeks to engage the whole school community towards optimising primary school food and nutrition environments in Queensland for sustained improvements in our children’s health and wellbeing.


We are recruiting!

#SchoolFoodies are recruiting Principals and Teachers from Queensland primary schools to tell us about their experiences with school food and nutrition. We will use this information to support schools in Queensland.

Principal Survey

We want to hear from Queensland primary school principals about their school’s food and nutrition environments and teaching, and how we can help to increase the opportunities for improving the health and wellbeing of Queensland students. We want to hear from them regardless of how much they are doing in this space, even if they don’t have a canteen!

We are asking Principals or Deputy Principals to complete a 15 minute online survey. As a thank you, their school’s P&C will go into a draw to win one of 10 $200 vouchers that could contribute to fundraising.

Please CLICK ON THIS LINK if you would like to participate.


Teacher Survey

We want to hear from Queensland primary school teachers about their experiences around food and nutrition teaching. We want to know what knowledge, skills, and resources they need. We would like to hear from teachers even if they are not doing anything in this space.

We are asking Teachers to complete a 20 minute online survey. As a thank you, we are offering access to free professional development in co-design or food and nutrition for health.

Please CLICK ON THIS LINK if you would like to participate.

This research has ethical approval from Queensland University of Technology (HREA 2022-5087-9036) and Education Queensland (Ref. 550/27/2568). Thank you in advance for taking the time out to work with QUT to improve the health and wellbeing of Queensland children.

Want to get in touch with us? 

Please feel free to contact our #SchoolFoodies team via Contact Form below or Email us at: schoolfoodies@qut.edu.au


    Funding / Grants

    • Children’s Hospital Foundation (50287) (2020 – 2023)

    Chief Investigators