Dr Rebecca Byrne speaks to ABC Brisbane about fussy eaters and teaching positive tactics for child food aversion

Research Fellow, Dr Rebecca Byrne, recently discussed the long-term effects of parents tricking fussy eaters into eating foods with ABC Brisbane, and what tactics parents could instead use to help kids get their daily servings.

Dr Byrne recommends that parents tell and show their kids what they’re eating to help them distinguish different foods,  to offer the same foods multiple times and to eat with them whenever possible.

“Young kids need to see food and try food at least 10 times before they learn to like it,” said Dr Byrne.”

To read the full article, visit ‘Why lying to your kids about food might backfire on you – ABC Everyday


Source: Jessica Hinchliffe. 2022. “Why lying to your kids about food might backfire on you”. ABC Radio Brisbane. https://www.abc.net.au/everyday/is-it-ok-to-lie-to-kids-about-food/101217672



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