Prof. Danielle Gallegos presents at Foodbank QLD’s Strategic Planning Day


For Foodbank Queensland’s (QLD) strategic planning day in April, Professor Danielle Gallegos was invited to present on household food insecurity in Australia, what contributes to the rates of food insecurity and potential solutions. This information was used by the Board and staff of Foodbank QLD to help identify their strategic direction.

Foodbank is Australia’s largest food relief organisation with a mission to delivering the most food to the most Australians in need in the most efficient and effective way. Foodbank fights hunger by providing food for 815,000 Australians each month. The key points raised by Danielle included measuring and responding to food insecurity, considering alternative solutions that go beyond food relief that help maintain dignity, and the potential contribution of foodbanking to household food security in Australia in the future.


Common Grounds Gardens


The location of the planning day was at the Brisbane Common Ground, which is QLD’s first supportive housing initiative, offering permanent rental accommodation to people who have experienced long term homelessness and people who require access to affordable housing. One of the great features of the Common Grounds is the fruit and vegetable garden located on the roof of the buildings, which allows residents the ability to grow and consume fresh produce.

The WCCNR works with organisations such as FoodBank QLD to develop approaches and solutions that help families put food on the table in ways that are sustainable, nutritious and stigma-free.

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