Waste technologies and processes

The Centre for a Waste-Free World’s Waste Technologies and Processes Program draws on QUT’s strengths in process engineering, robotics, industrial biotechnology and polymer chemistry.

The program will research, pilot and implement advanced technical solutions to avoid waste and transform waste into valuable products that help clean up plastic pollution and tackle the challenges of waste in remote or isolated communities.

Real-world innovation

Our researchers develop technologies such as new polymers, polymer degradation and processes derived by synthetic biology to tackle the issue of waste.

Through this program, we will partner with industries and governments seeking to analyse, research, develop and implement solutions to waste challenges both in Australia and internationally.

We work across disciplines to drive technical implementation of processes and solutions, and ensure that technical solutions synergise with societal and economic needs.

As well as technical process development and advanced materials handling through robotics, the program will research critical factors such as technical and economic viability, engineering design and lifecycle to maximise overall environmental benefit.

Our projects

Program team