Structural behaviour and design of rivet fastened rectangular hollow flange channel beams

The innovative, rivet fastened Rectangular Hollow Flange Channel Beam (RHFCB) is a new type of cold-formed steel section, proposed as an extension to the widely researched hollow flange beams. The RHFCB is made of two torsionally rigid rectangular hollow flanges, connected to a web plate element via intermittent rivet fastening, using a relatively new method known as self-pierce riveting. The hollow flange beams have garnered much interest in the past due to the sections having capacities more typically associated with hot-rolled steel sections.

This research presents a study into the structural behaviour and design of the innovative rivet fastened Rectangular Hollow Flange Channel Beams (RHFCB). This research includes the details and results of experimental and numerical studies of the section and member moment capacities of rivet fastened RHFCBs. It includes information regarding the flexural behaviour of RHFCBs including local and lateral distortional buckling characteristics, suitability of currently available designs rules, recommendation of suitable rivet spacing, information on possible structural applications of the RHFCBs as well as the new design rules for both section and member moment capacities.