Flexural behaviour and design of hollow flange steel beams


This research has described a detailed investigation into the flexural behaviour of LiteSteel Beams (LSBs) based on experimental and finite element analyses. This investigation included three phases. In the first phase the member moment capacity of LSBs and other types of hollow flange sections such as Hollow Flange Beams (HFBs), Monosymmetric Hollow Flange Beams (MHFBs) and Rectangular Hollow Flange Beams (RHFBs) subject to lateral distortional buckling was investigated while in the second phase, the section moment capacity of LSBs subject to local buckling effects including the inelastic reserve moment capacity was investigated. In the third phase the use of web stiffeners was investigated in order to improve the lateral distortional buckling moment capacities of LSBs.