Enhancing the fire and energy ratings of cold-formed steel frame wall systems


Fire safety design of buildings is essential to eliminate the loss of property and lives during fire events while energy efficient buildings with almost zero energy consumption will be soon a mandatory building regulation. This project, therefore, aims to use alternative methods based on improved plasterboards and insulations, and innovative wall configurations to develop LSF wall systems that provide increased Fire Resistance Rating (FRR) and energy efficiency.

Research activities

  • Develop improved plasterboards and insulations with improved thermal characteristics and energy performances
  • Investigate the fire and energy performance of LSF wall systems based on laboratory tests and numerical analyses
  • Develop improved LSF wall systems for enhanced fire and energy performances.

 Expected findings

The project outcomes will promote innovation and cost-efficiency in the building industry. The project will lead to engineered, cost-efficient, fire-resistant and energy saving steel building systems and thus reduced building damage and loss of lives during severe fire events as well as buildings with reduced maintenance cost, achieving low energy targets.

Funding / Grants

  • Australian Research Council (ARC) Discovery Grants Scheme (2016 - 2019)

Other Team Members

Figure 1: LSF wall System
Figure 2: Simultaneous Thermal analyser (STA)


Figure 3: FEM of Plasterboard
LSF Wall fire test