PhD Final Seminar Completion

Harikrishnan Magarabooshanam successfully completed his PhD Final Seminar on 29th April 2020. His research was on “Fire Performance of Complex Light Gauge Steel Framed Wall Systems“. Congrats Hari!!

Outstanding Doctoral Thesis Award 2019

Congratulations Dr Mohamed Imran for receiving the Outstanding Doctoral Thesis Award, 2019 on the thesis titled: “Fire Performance and Design of CFRP Strengthened and Insulated Cold-Formed Steel Tubular Columns“

PhD Final Seminar Completion

Edward Steau successfully completed his PhD Final Seminar on 26 th June 2019. His research was on “Behaviour of Cold-Formed LSF Floor-Ceiling Systems in Fire”. Congrats Edward!!  

PhD Final Seminar Completion

Sayilacksha Gnanachelvam successfully completed her PhD final seminar on 6th December 2019. Her research was on “Fire and Energy Performance of Cold-Formed Steel Frame Wall Systems”. Congrats Sayilacksha!!  

9th International Conference on Steel and Aluminium Structures

Our PhD researchers Rokilan  and Yunxiang Tao presented their recent works in the “9th International Conference on Steel and Aluminium Structures”(3-5 July 2019). The conference was held in West Yorkshire, England and was hosted by University of Bradford. The title of their papers were Elevated Temperature Mechanical Properties of…

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Outstanding Paper Award

Yomal Dias’ Paper on “Full-scale Fire Tests of Steel and Plasterboard Sheathed LSF Walls” received one of the Outstanding Paper Awards at the 6th International Conference on Applications of Structural Fire Engineering (ASFE’19) held in Singapore 13-14 June 2019. Congrats Yomal !!!

Executive Dean's Commendation Award

One more thesis award to the list. Congratulations Dr. Myuran Kathekeyan for receiving the Executive Dean’s Commendation Award on the thesis titled – “Fatigue Performance and Design of Cold-Formed Steel Roof Battens Under Cyclic Wind Uplift Loads”.

Research Seminar by Visiting Professor Hèrm Hofmeyer

ABSTRACT Most industrial buildings have walls, roofs, and claddings that can be constructed using thin-walled steel and insulation systems. These systems are extremely light-weight, easy to construct and suitable for thick insulation layers, and thus potentially reducing materials and energy for a many buildings worldwide. However, the…

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PhD Final Seminar Completion

Mohamed Imran Ahamed successfully completed his PhD final seminar on 14th September 2018. His PhD research was on the “Fire Performance and Design of CFRP Strengthened and Insulated Cold-Formed Steel Tubular Columns”. Congrats Imran !!!

PhD Scholarship Opportunities

PhD Scholarship Opportunities PhD opportunities are now available in the field of Structural Fire Engineering to commence in Jan 2019. Research topics include Fire performances of cold-formed steel structures Bushfire safe structures Bushfire safe rooms using new materials Finite element modelling of cold-formed…

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