Congratulations to Professor Joanne Wood on becoming the first woman recipient of the International Optometrist of the Year award

Professor Wood received this prestigious award in a beautiful church within the complex of Seu d’Egara Terrassa in Barcelona, Spain in 2019. On receiving the award, she became the first woman to be honoured in this way for her achievements and impact in the field of vision, ageing and driving. She had the opportunity to deliver a speech…

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CIE Berlin, 2018

Professor Wood attended the 2018 International Commission on Illumination (CIE) meeting in Berlin. She presented “Road safety at night: The visual challenges, lighting issues and improving visibility,” during the visibility workshop.

ARVO 2018 Annual Meeting

Professor Wood, Dr Black, and Dr Kimlin presented at the 2018 ARVO meeting. Dr Kimlin presented evidence that glare-based and low luminance measures should be incorporated into the vision assessment of patients reporting vision-related difficulties when driving at night, in addition to standard clinical testing. Dr Black and Professor…

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J Lloyd Hewitt Award

Sumithira Narayanasamy

Congratulations to Stephen Vincent, Joanne Wood, Sumithira Narayanasamy, and Geoff Sampson for the2017  J Lloyd Hewitt award, which recognises the best article published in Clinical and Experimental Optometry in the past 3 years. This was for their paper ‘Visual demands in modern Australian primary school classrooms’ which was part of…

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Vision 2017, The Hague

Ursula and Mahesh

Ursula White and Mahesh Dev attended Low Vision Conference: Vision 2017, The Hague. Ursula presented “Determinants of Concern about Falling in Older Adults with Central Visual Impairment due to Age-Related Macular Degeneration” and Mahesh presented “Visual functions among older adults presenting with fall injury.”