What We Offer

ViseR provide consulting and contract development services for industry and government clients in these areas:

  • Large-scale interactive display environments
  • Digital interactive content
  • Integration of heterogeneous sensor networks, spatial data visualisation, and virtual/augmented/mixed reality.

VISER are ready to engage and deliver world-class solutions in a 3-phase approach: ‘Define’, ‘Design’, and ‘Converge’.


This phase carries out visioning and requirements gathering with project stakeholders. The team facilitate meetings to define ‘the day in the life’ of  an interactive environment, uncovering concepts and needs around the user experience, audiences, and multiple usage scenarios.


In the Design phase, the team take outcomes of the Define phase and create detailed technology concepts, pre-visualisations, simulations, and tiered specifications.


‘Converge’ is a distinction of VISER: Beyond technology consulting and concept development, the team see the project through with the client; liaising with vendors, service providers, internal units, and other stakeholders to deliver the solution.

The broad skillset of the VISER team ensure that IT, audio-visual, and building services aspects of a project can be harmoniously integrated to provide a delightful end-user experience. This aspect of project delivery is evermore crucial as digital interactive technologies and their underlying infrastructure operate on a converged digital network fabric.

VISER are market competitive and can engage in multiple ways to meet client needs; these could be shared research and collaboration through to fully commercial appointments.