The Cube

The Cube is one of the world’s largest digital, interactive learning and display environments. Since 2013, it has drawn accolades as a landmark audio-visual and IT installation and content delivery platform. It provides the capacity to display data at high-resolution and large-scale, enabling rich interactive experiences in the interpretation and communication of complex ideas and scenarios.

The Cube is an example of how high-end interactive technology and well-produced content can benefit an organisation by inspiring new ideas, better decisions and more effective stakeholder engagement.

In 2017, the Cube continues to draw hundreds of visitors every week, including school students, tourists, business and academic leaders and the local community.

In 2016, ViseR advised on the upgrade of the large-scale projection system from the four-by-HD array to a four-by-4K system. The Cube now features a massive ‘8K’ projection surface powered by Panasonic’s flagship RQ13K projectors.

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