Early Childhood Development Research

Edu Sphere

Brain development is a complicated, important topic. There are many facets to what affects brain development, from the manner of teaching to more subtle things like how you interact at home. Coupled with this is the short time span in which we are capable of learning a lot, making our infancy arguably the most important part of how we develop into who we are as adults.

With Chief Investigator Dr Kate Williams, we collaborated to develop a multi-user application that explores these different facets of brain development and provides the users with a deeper insight into subtle teaching moments that were occurring subconsciously. The aim of this is to help engage and educate in-service teachers on the importance of this topic while also providing a playful way of exploring the data. To aid with this we added a tie to the Sphere so that the users can see directly that the more they complete and understand on each subject of brain development – the more the brain on the sphere’s activity increases.

There are 6 key areas of brain development we explore in the app:

  1. Outdoor play
  2. Pretend play
  3. Everyday tasks
  4. Rhythm
  5. Social interaction
  6. Shared reading

In each of these categories we provide a number of facts, games, articles and videos for the user to explore and upon completion of each activity the progress of the key area they completed the activity in increases. In order to get the sphere brain to maximum activity the user(s) must increase the progress on all available key areas – this solidifies the point that you must consider all areas in order for the brain to develop fully.

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