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PhD (Queensland University of Technology)

Dr Webber has worked continuously in the profession of optometry since completion of professional qualification degree in 1984 at QUT (formerly QIT), either in clinical practice, academic teaching or research positions. Dr Webber was formerly engaged in clinical teaching and research at the University of Houston College of Optometry (where was awarded a fellowship to fund post-graduate studies and Sigma Xi research award) and at the Victorian College of Optometry.  Collegiate relationships developed at those institutions survive today and are renewed at national and international conferences.  Today, in addition to consulting in private practice, Dr Webber holds part-time Associate Professor academic appointment at QUT. From 2016, Dr Webber has consulted within the ophthalmology outpatient’s department of the Lady Cilento Children’s Hospital, founding an optometry clinic within the ophthalmology department. Dr Webber hosts final year optometry students on outside clinical placement rotations, providing a valuable paediatric optometry setting for real world experience.  In addition to clinical placements for QUT optometry students, Dr Webber hosts students from both interstate and international optometry programs. RESEARCH INTERESTS: Functional impact of amblyopia Professional Awards
  • 2015  Diplomate American Academy of Optometry (Binocular vision, Perception and Pediatric Optometry section)
  • 2014  Recipient of Hamlyn R. Brier Clinical Optometrist Award, Optometry Australia (Optometry Queensland& NT division)
  • 2010 Fellow of the American Academy of Optometry
  • 2010  Finalist Clinical Researcher Award, Australian Society for Medical Research, Qld Health & Medical Research Awards
  • 2007  Association for Research in Vision and Ophthalmology (ARVO) Travel grant recipient
  • 2003 - 2007   PhD Scholarship QUT
  • 2001  Outstanding Contribution QUT Career Mentor Scheme
  • 1987  Sigma Xi Research award, University of Houston
  • 1986-1988  Post Graduate Student Fellowship, University of Houston
Professional Appointments and Associations
  • 2015 – Present    Practitioner Member Optometry Board of Australia (AHPRA)
  • 2010 – Present    Registrations and Notifications Committee, Optometry Board of Australia,(AHPRA)
  • 2015 - 2017        Queensland Children’s Eye Health Strategy Committee, Children’s Health Queensland
  • 2016 – Present    Editorial Board Member, Optometry and Vision Science (Journal of American Academy of Optometry)
  • 2001 – 2010        Optometrists Registration Board of Queensland (2009-2010 Deputy Chair)
  • 2000 – Present    Queensland Government Appointment to Optometrists Panel of Assessors
  • 2001 - 2015        Appointments to OCANZ Assessment Teams for Examination and Accreditation in Optometry
  • 1999 – 2002        Chair Education subcommittee, Optometrists Association of Australia, Qld/NT
  • 1997 – 1999        State President, Optometrists Association of Australia, Queensland Division
  • 1993 – 2001        Councillor, Optometrists Association of Australia, Queensland Division
  • 1999                    QUT School of Optometry, Alumni Organisation Committee
  • 1995 – 1999        Professional Advisory Committee, School of Optometry, QUT
  • 1995 – 1999        Faculty Advisory Committee, Faulty of Health, QUT
  • 1983 – 1984        Student Representative, Health Faculty Academic Board, QIT
Peer Reviewed Publications
  • Webber AL, Wood JM, Thompson B. (2016) Fine Motor Skills of Children With Amblyopia Improve Following Binocular Treatment. Invest Ophthalmol Vis Sci. Sep 1;57(11):4713-20.
  • Webber AL.  (2016) “Vision Recovery Despite Retinal Ganglion Cell Loss in Leber's Hereditary Optic Neuropathy.” Optom Vis Sci 93:1571-7.
  • Wills J, Gillett R, Eastwell E, Abraham R, Coffey K, Webber A, Wood J. (2012) “Effect of simulated astigmatic refractive error on reading performance in the young.” Optom Vis Sci. 2012 Mar;89(3):271-6
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  • Webber AL, Wood JM, Gole GA, Brown B. (2009) “The effect of amblyopia on the Developmental Eye Movement test in children.” Optom Vis Sci ;.86:760-766
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  • Webber AL (2007). Amblyopia treatment: an evidence-based approach to maximising treatment outcome. Clin Exp Optom 90(4): 250-257.
  • Webber AL and Wood JM (2005). Amblyopia: prevalence, natural history, functional effects and treatment. Clin Exp Optom 88(6): 365-375.
  • Webber A, Prior C, Vigrys AJ (1992) Peripapillary staphyloma. Clin Exp Optom; 75: 220-230
Invited Reviews
  • Webber AL The Functional Disability of Amblyopia. submitted for Special Issue on paediatric optometry, Clin Exp Optom - 2018
  • Webber AL, Camugilia J A pragmatic approach to diagnosis of amblyopia.  submitted for Special Issue on paediatric optometry, Clin Exp Optom - 2018
  • Webber AL (2012) Why amblyopia should be avoided, at least in developed countries.  Points de Vue 66
  • Webber AL and Cotter SA (2016) Atropine for Amblyopia – the case for pharmacologic penalization of the sound eye.  Pharma Supplement (September) Optometry Australia
  • Wrigley E and Webber AL (2017) 0.01% Atropine for Myopia Control  Pharma Supplement.Optometry Australia
Published abstracts: Association for Research in Vision and Ophthalmology (ARVO)
  • Webber AL, Wood JM, Gole GA, Brown B (2007) The Effect of Amblyopia on Motor and Psychosocial Skills in Children.” Invest Ophthalmol Vis Sci 48: E-Abstract 4888.
  • Webber AL, Manny RE, Levi DM, Klein SA  (1988) “Estimating Ricco’s area from edge and line detection thresholds”.  Invest Ophthalmol Vis Sci 29 S140
American Academy of Optometry (AAO)
  • Webber AL, Ann Webber, Alex Black, Silvie Hoang, Eloise English, Joanne Wood (2016) “Amblyopia Affects Visual Attention, Visual Search and Scanning in Children”
  • Webber AL, Wood JM, (2010)Do fine motor skills deficits of in amblyopic children have implications for educational performance”

Additional information

  • Founder and CEO, Clarity Optometrists (established 1991).
    • Commercial acumen, corporate leadership, community engagement
    • Advanced clinical and patient communication skills
    • Highly developed financial and business acumen essential for continued growth of multi-practitioner independent practice in changing commercial environment
    • Well established skills in management of performance of others and resource management
  • Associate Professor, School of Optometry and Vision Science
    • Teaching – didactic component of OPB557 Binocular vision, specialist lectures in OPN161 Optometry in Special Needs Groups (Peadiatric Optometry), supervise student research project group OPN164 - Research Methods in Optometry and Vision Science, Supervising clinician OPN362 Specialist Clinic Paediatric and Binocular Vision
    • Developed and implemented changes to content delivery to improve student engagement and relevance to real world clinical practice
    • Research – trials that seek improved treatment regimes for childhood vision anomalies
      • International collaboration: Thompson, Hess, Birch, Cotter
      • National collaboration: Downie, Keller
      • Inter-professional collaboration: Gole, Sinclair, Coman
      • Collaboration within QUT SOVS: Wood, Black, Schmid
  • Consultant Optometrist, Department Ophthalmology, Lady Cilento Children’s Hospital
    • Development of collaborative care program between LCCH Ophthalmology and community based optometrists (Paediatric Optometry Alignment Program)
    • Establishment of Optometry clinic within outpatient’s department
    • Founding member, Child Health Queensland, Children’s Eye Health Strategy committee.
  • AHPRA National Board member, Optometry Board of Australia
    • Registration and Notification Committee
    • Governance Board member training
    • Highly developed understanding of the National Registration and Accreditation Scheme
  • OCANZ Assessment team member
    • Highly developed understanding of optometry program accreditation requirements and development of key competency skills in optometry graduates and the evidence required from University program providers to meet accreditation requirements.
  • Optometry Association Board member and Chair (State President)
    • Highly knowledgeable of the challenges facing the profession
    • Well developed working relationships with optometry profession leaders
  • American Academy of Optometry
    • Fellow of Academy, Diplomate Binocular Vision/Pediatric Optometry Section
    • Editorial Board Member, Optometry and Vision Science (Journal AAO)
      • Extensive experience reviewing manuscripts submitted for publication
Membership of a Statutory Committee
Reference year
Appointed as Health Practitioner Member by Queensland Health Minister