Asik Arrives in New Orleans for ARVO

Asik Pradhan welcoming visitors to his poster presentation at the 2023 ARVO Meeting

QUT HDR Student, Asik Pradhan commenced his doctoral research which has focused on lens shape of the eye and accommodation, in 2021. Asik’s supervisory team are comprised of Dr Andrew Carkeet, Prof. David Atchison, Dr Emily Pieterse and Dr Rohan Hughes. Asik’s abstract titled: “Measurement of in vivo lens shapes using IOLMaster 700 B-scan images: Comparison with phakometry” was accepted for presentation as a poster at the 2023 ARVO Meeting held in April.

In support of Asik’s attendance at the 2023 ARVO Meeting, QUT’s Centre for Vision and Eye Research (CVER) awarded Asik with a AU$4000 travel grant. Asik was incredibly grateful for the financial assistance afforded to him by CVER, and after returning from the ARVO Meeting, he shared the following:

The opportunity to attend ARVO 2023 has been immensely beneficial to my academic and professional growth. The conference served as a platform for the exchange of cutting-edge scientific knowledge and allowed me to stay up to date with the latest advancements in my field of research. The diverse range of sessions, workshops, and presentations provided invaluable insights and broadened my perspective on various topics related to Optometry and Vision Science.

Moreover, ARVO 2023 facilitated meaningful networking opportunities with scientific experts and fellow researchers from around the world. The interactions and discussions during the conference enhanced my professional network and opened possibilities for future collaborations. The feedback I received on my research work presentation was particularly valuable, as it has helped me refine and chose pathways for extended research.”

More information about Asik’s ARVO Poster is available at the 2023 Posters sub-heading accessible from: Publications – Contact Lens and Visual Optics Laboratory (

Left to Right: Asik Pradhan (QUT), Dr Rafael Navarro (Institute of Ocular Microsurgery, Barcelona, Spain) and Prof. David Atchison (QUT)

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