Teacher education

The TTRG is committed to teacher education as a field that is inextricably linked to issues of teachers’ work and lives and the quality of teaching in schools (and other educational institutions). The TTRG will engage in research projects that, for example, question and interrogate existing practices and teacher education policies, that seek to determine the capacities, knowledges and practices pre-service teachers need to develop and acquire in order to prepare them for working in diverse and marginalised communities; that consider what on-going education practising teachers require in order to meet the changing demands of the profession; and issues impacting upon teacher educators, their practice and identities.

Potential research problems/questions:

  • What is required in initial teacher education programs to prepare teachers for working in marginalised and culturally and linguistically diverse (CALD) communities?
  • What are the ongoing educational needs of practising teachers over the length of their careers?
  • What impact will moves towards school-based teacher education (e.g. Teach for Australia) have on teachers’ understandings of ‘professionalism’?
  • How are teacher educators’ identities and workloads shaped by new accountability processes?

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