Teachers work and lives

Whilst schools are clearly sites of learning, they are also workplaces. There are multiple issues related to teachers’ work and lives that will be addressed through projects in the TTRG. These will include those related to teacher retention, especially in marginalised communities (including rural areas). This is clearly of significant concern to governments in Queensland and Australia as well as internationally. As such, matters to be investigated may encompass, ‘job satisfaction’, ‘teacher well-being’, school factors that contribute to high levels of retention in (or departure from) the teaching profession, early career teachers, union activity, marginalised teacher identities, subject and sector differences and specifics, and educational policy.

Potential research problems/questions:

  • What factors impact on teacher recruitment and retention?
  • How can teacher well-being be achieved and sustained in times of high stress (e.g. during a pandemic)?
  • What factors affect teacher identities (e.g. issues facing LGBTQ teachers; Indigenous teachers; male teachers in early childhood; monolingual teachers in multilingual classrooms)?
  • How can working in high poverty communities, rural locations, flexible learning sites, culturally and linguistically diverse (CALD) communities be supported and maintained?
  • In what ways can teacher professionalism be enacted and sustained within an audit culture?

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