TTRG researchers launch Home Languages in Schools website

The Education Horizon team of Margaret Kettle, Annette Woods and Susan Danby has developed a website titled Home Languages in Schools (HLinS): Students, families and teachers learning together which is now live and public.

Members of TTRG were project drivers, working with teachers, English as an additional language (EAL) students and their parents to embed home languages and cultures in mainstream content teaching and learning at secondary school. The website presents the research design as well as findings, tips and resources for EAL students, parents and teachers. The Horizon Grant team included Margaret Kettle (TTRG), Annette Woods (TTRG), Susan Danby with Lynn Downes (TTRG) and Michelle Jeffries (TTRG) offering research assistance, and Freya Wright-Brough providing web design support.

Home – Home Languages in Schools: Students, Families and Teachers Learning Together (HLinS) (

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